This site POINTS OF LISTENING assembles my research on sound and body memory. As a choreographer, I am interested in exploring how shifting sound environments continuously transform the human body from pre-history until the present time.

Framed along the history of sound and listening, I am developing concepts for dance projects reflecting on those shifts in sounds.

Idea of this site is to draft a series of concepts, which contemplate on the role of sound in the relationship between an individual and his/her personal memory, between a community and its collective memory and on a global level they reflect on the role of sound as a shared collective memory beyond culture.

The site introduces concepts, which each explore the role of sound in a specific context in order to research on how those memories can be translated into dance movements.

– Katia Engel

KATIA ENGEL is choreographer and documentary filmmaker based in Berlin. Her works have been presented in festivals or events in Asia and Germany. In recent projects she showed the From Starting to Cut the Wood in collaboration with dancer Ari Ersandi at Asia Pacific Dance Plattform as part of the Hong Kong International Festival as well as Seeing with Ears, a site-specific performance in a Historical Water Reservoir as part of Performing Arts Festival in Berlin. She has been collaborating with film director Faozan Rizal on various projects for at least 15 years, especially in experimental dance films and photography.

Further works of Katia Engel can be viewed on her main Website www.katiaengel.com.

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