project: hutan

With this work the artistic team brings together the biophonies of various natural landscapes, pointing at their cultural relevance in times of climate collapse and loss of biodiversity all around the world.
They invite their audience to a deep listening, of calls and vocalizations, rituals and conversations among the non-humans inhabitants of familiar and unfamiliar forests.
Through dance they offer their personal memories and connection to these endangered polyrhythms, allowing their audience to become aware of their own personal connection to and memories of the forest.”

– Michela Filzi, Live Art Writing / Stream

What does the sound of a forest reveal about our human existence? Can the complex biophonies of forests be considered a part of our collective body memory? Are there acoustic relationships between different animal species that transcend beyond its sonic realm? How do some animal species manage to communicate completely isochronous (at constant intervals in time) over a long period of time? How do the indigenous people align themselves to be in tune with the forest they live in?

An international team of dancers, choreographers and sound artists (Berlin/Indonesia) ask themselves these questions while listening to the polyrhythms of sound recordings of different forests. In a collective process in Berlin and Indonesia, this  artistic team explores the sound recordings of primary forests in Kalimantan/Indonesia in respect to their personal responses and memories vis-a-vis those sentiments connected to their cultural background, i.e. forest mythology and ritual dances.

The sound installation and dance performance reveals the personal and collective resonances of the team and allows the audience to experience the regularities and connections of these extraordinary biophonies.

Work-in-progress showings in Germany: Kunstquartier Bethanien, 31 March + 1 April 2023

Performances in Indonesia: 29 June 2024 : Premiere, Komunitas Salihara/Jakarta

30 June 2024: Komunitas Salihara/Jakarta

Artistic Team:

Ari Ersandi – choreography, dance, sound recordings

Katia Engel – choreography, concept, sound recordings

Polett Kasza, Sisilia Hangin – dance

Gatot Danar Sulistiyanto, Felix-Florian Tödtloff Рsound design

Faozan Rizal – sound recordings, film documentation

Helly Minarti, Katja Wiegand – dramaturgy

The project is funded by

in partnership with

Universitas Muhammadiyah/KHDTK unit

Borneo Nature Foundation