Wälder / Hutan

Like a landscape, a soundscape is simultaneously a physical environment and a way of perceiving that environment. It is both a world and a culture constructed to make sense of that world.

Thomson: The soundscape of Modernity

What does the sound of forests teach us? Can the complex biophonies of forests be considered as part of a collective body memory? Are there acoustic relationships between different animal species that go beyond the purely functional? How do some animal species manage to communicate completely isochronously (at constant intervals in time) over long periods of time?

An international team of dancers, choreographers and sound artists (Berlin/Indonesia) ask themselves these questions while listening to the polyrhythms of sound recordings of different forests. In a collective process in Berlin and Indonesia, the artistic team explores the sound recordings of forests in Indonesia and Germany in respect to their personal responses and memories as well as those sentiments connected to their cultural background, i.e. mythology of the forest and ritual dances.

The four-hour sound installation and dance performance reveals the personal and collective resonances of the team and allows the audience to experience the regularities and connections of these special biophonies.

The first results of the work-in-progress is presented in the historic chapel in the Bethanien art district in March 2023. The continuation of the process will take place 2024 in East Kalimantan with an extended team of the two Dayak rooted dancers presented at Ladaya Art Space, East Kalimantan and Goethe Haus Jakarta.

Work-in-progress Performance: 31.03./01.04.2023

Kapelle, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin

Premiere in Indonesia: 2024

Artistic Team:

Katia Engel – Concept, Artistic Director, Sound Recordings

Ari Ersandi – Choreography, Dance, Sound Recordings

Polett Kasza – ChoreographDance

Felix-Florian Tödtloff – Sound Design

Dramaturgy: Helly Minarti, Katja Wiegand

Production management: Katja Wiegand

PR: Apricot Productions

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